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We provide solutions that streamline & enhance your business processes.

Discover the power of Cohesion!

Our team of experienced professionals are here to help you reach your goals, providing tailored solutions for your unique business needs.

About Us

Let us help you reach greater heights with our comprehensive consulting services


We are a business solutions company offering people & and business support solutions for small to medium sized companies (whether they are starting, growing or transitioning their business operations).


Neither a traditional consulting business nor a mainstream outsourcing company; instead we combine these specific business services to provide better solutions for your company.

Cohesion maintains its base in Vancouver but regularly manages projects further afield. This has allowed our team to gain experience and insight in a broad range of projects and business cultures.

As a highly skilled and  dedicated team with extensive local and global experience; we have a proven  track record of success & career expertise in numerous different industries. These include:

  • Mining & Exploration  

  • Construction

  • Retail & Wholesaling  

  • Renewable Energy  

  • Not-for-Profit  

  • Professional Services  

  • Telecommunications


COHESION provides a suite of business solutions that can be provided in a variety of different ways, from when you simply need an extra pair of hands, to disciplined project management skills and expertise.

Our solutions are designed to integrate with existing business operations and functionality to save you time and money.

Our Servies


Our focus areas include: 

  • Human Resources

  • Finance & Accounting

  • Corporate Secretary

  • Paralegal

  • Compliance

  • Communications

  • Graphic Design

  • Strategic Planning

  • Business Performance

Cohesion provides tailored consulting services to help businesses identify and plan for future growth. Our solutions can provide that short-term "breathing space" or help take a step back to determine where a business stands and what direction it can go. Regardless of the size and scope of work – short-term assignment or long-term project – every challenge is tackled with new ideas, energy and fresh perspectives.


We provide the personalized service normally associated with a small consulting practice while offering the range of specialist knowledge and skills you expect in a big firm.





Highly accomplished human resources professional with over two decades of human resources experience, specializing in providing a practical, innovative and flexible HR approach that is essential for multi-dimensional organizations.

Greg has provided HR services to various global HR teams, delivering high quality HR solutions that are appropriate for cross-cultural environments.




A chartered governance professional and corporate secretary who brings over 15 years experience in the legal field, where she has acted as Legal Counsel to various private companies in Romania and as Manager Legal Affairs/Corporate Secretary and Paralegal for public companies and over 500 private companies in Canada.

Manuela a graduate from ICSA: The Governance Institute, specializing in Securities, Management, Document Drafting, Securities Regulation, and Joint Ventures.



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With over 15 years of experience in the field of Human Resources, Kelsey is a seasoned professional who has worked for various companies in the United States and Canada.


From recruiting and hiring to employee relations and compliance, Kelsey has a significant experience in a wide range of HR functions, making her a versatile and valuable asset to Cohesion's clients.

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